Stripes and Hot Pink Midi

It's a one picture kinda post today. This is my during the week hot pink skirt. A neon skirt goes a long way to brighten up one's day and probably grab everyone's attention. Since I work with mostly men, I usually shy away from wearing it to work. I was bold enough to wear it the first time here and remixing it today with a striped tee. The pockets, as always are a plus. 

skirt with pockets, stripes and midi skirt

Skirt - Avon (old) / Similar / SimilarPleated / Pleated
Top - Target / Similar / Boat Neck
Wedges - Nine West

On becoming more Effective and Achieving Results

growth, personal growth, self improvement quote, 15 Laws of Growth
When the odds are against you, take action on what you can control and what is possible.
When there's not enough money, do what you can with what you have.
Do not allow anyone to get to you.
Do not take any offence, take a deep breath and focus on the big picture, focus on the results, focus on the end.
Be proactive and not reactive
If it's raining outside, don't complain about the weather. Smile and start selling umbrellas
- Darren Hardy
Happy Friday!
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Salt and Pepper

...and some red lips I might add. White skirts are hard to find, at least for me, so I've held on to this one for many many years. I almost always wear it with a black top. This was church wear for Sunday. Our uniform guessed it, black and white. We all looked like salt and pepper shakers on stage.
Have a great rest of the week!

Top -Gap / SimilarOption / Leather / Bow
Skirt - Macy's (Old) / Similar / Similar / Similar
Pumps - Nine West / Peep Toe Option


Burgundy Peplum and Grey

Here is my outfit from Sunday. I like combining unlikely colors so I'm trying burgundy and grey for the first time here. A peplum top is always a win for any body type. I raved about this skirt here and I have remixed it a few times. Well, have a lovely rest of the week. I hope I will be back soon.

Bar III top, Macy's, Grey Pencil Skirt
Comfortable Pumps, Grey and hot pink
Coach watch, Jcrew Factory bracelet

Peplum Top - Bar III via Macy's / Similar / Red Option
Pencil Skirt - Kohls / Similar / Similar
Pumps - Nine West 
Watch _ Coach
Belt - Style and Co via Macy's / Option
Bracelet - JCrew Factory / Similar

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The Truth is not in the Appearance of Things

personal development, growth

Just a little motivation for you this Monday. 

We cannot continue to trust in and believe in what is currently happening or what is the reality and settle. 

Let your dreams rise above your excuses. Let your goals compel you to keep moving. Keep working on the things that will get you closer to your goal. 

At a Bloggy Boot Camp conference I attended this weekend, we were asked: "What is your end game?" I ask you the same thing. We need to work from the end to the the present. Think of your end game (your dream) and work towards it.  Let go of anything that is not moving you towards your goal. When you have this mindset, decision making will be easier. You begin to say no to things that don't matter and you begin to recognize opportunities that matter. 

So what do you think? Do you have a dream, goal, something you are working towards? Does it seem impossible? Do you feel you've been acting based on the current reality? What would things be like if you began to think differently?

Your current logic and beliefs are creating the results you are currently getting - Paul Martinelli

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